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Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy and confidential personal information is an important priority at Villa Pantai, Bali. The Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian National Privacy Principals (NPPs) under the Act, govern the privacy principals and how they are managed to protect the privacy of your personal information at the Villa Pantai, Bali.

What is Personal Information?
Personal information is any information which identifies you. This information can be truth or fiction or only an opinion which may cover all manner of things including such information as your cultural, ethnic or racial origins; religious beliefs or health and disability requirements.

Collection of Personal Information by Villa Pantai, Bali.
Collection of personal information is generally obtained directly from you, when you communicate with Villa Pantai, Bali.via letter, fax, telephone or email. Information collected by these means generally relates to your name, address and your various contact phone numbers or email addresses. Sensitive personal information can also be collected about you but only with your consent. Also, information may be collected about you from other sources. Such information may come from companies with whom you have associations or work collegues or other organisation with whom you have dealings. Villa Pantai, Bali will do its best to ensure you are aware of why it is collected and how it may be used or who it is disclosed to.

How will Your Personal Information be used by Villa Pantai, Bali?
The primary purpose of using your personal information is to facilitate your accommodation at Villa Pantai, Bali. Other purposes may include the provision of products and services that have been requested by you and general communication with you in regard to marketing of the Villa Pantai, Bali services. It is important to provide basic information to Villa Pantai, Bali in order provide the products and services that you have requested.,

Disclosure of Your Personal Information by Villa Pantai, Bali.
Your personal information may be provided to other parties on order to facilitate the provision of products and services to you. This includes such parties as our service providors, advisors, insurers and other parties who lawfully are entitled to receive the information. Such other parties are prohibited from diseminating your personal information for any other purpose than to facilitate the supply of specific products and services.

Security of the Personal Information Provided by You.
Your personal information will be protected against loss, modification, disclosure and misuse. All information is held in strict confidence by the Villa Pantai, Bali management in a safe and secure location.

Ensure the Accuracy of Your Personal Information.
To ensure the accuracy of the information provided by you, you should contact Villa Pantai, Bali If you find that the personal information held by Villa Pantai, Bali, is incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. Villa Pantai, Bali, will take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is corrected. If you wish to access the personal information held on you by Villa Pantai, Bali, then write to Villa Pantai Bali, at: Villa Pantai, Jalan Raya, Candi Dasa, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia or by email: If Villa Pantai, Bali, does not hold an exemption under the Privacy Act, it will provide your personal information within a reasonable time and may charge a fee for the retrieval and supply of the information to you. Villa Pantai, Bali may also refuse your request for access. In such a situation Villa Pantai, Bali will provide you with reasons for the refusal of your request.

Villa Pantai, Bali, reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Any such change will be notified by posting an updated version of this Privacy Policy on the Villa Pantai, Bali website.

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